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Kopernika Street

zdjęcia nocne, night-time photos, Piotrków, Piotrkow, ulica Kopernika, street
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zdjęcia nocne, night-time photos, Rynek Starego Miasta, Old Town, market, stare miasto
The Old Town Market

photos: Poland's night-time 2002
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zdjęcia nocne, night-time photos, Warszawa, Warsaw, Stare Miasto, Rynek, Old Town, Market
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Kopernika Street

DESCRIPTIONnight-time photo shot in Piotrkow Trybunalski, tripod and cable release used
CREATEDMarch 2002
GEAROlympus OM-G SLR, 35 mm lens, Fuji
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July 23, 2005 • henry juddyfred(at) years and 93 days ago
these galleries are do best picture i have every seen i my entire life the presenter must be a geniuse i love u for that thanks pls mial me thanks.

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