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The Smoker

Palacz, smoker
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cień, shadow
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The Smoker

DESCRIPTIONShot in Katowice, this boy looked to me like the leader of the small gang...
CREATEDSeptember 2005
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March 31, 2008 • John 11 years and 114 days ago
It reminds me of the BOY SOLDIERS in Africa. See the movie, "Blood Diamonds," for a taste of the horrors in that bleeding continent.

April 11, 2007 • ALEXANDER RAY PREYDES 12 years and 104 days ago
i love this picture out of all that i have seen. its great. this is what i call art.

November 8, 2005 • Wes 13 years and 258 days ago
Hey!. This is one little tough guy - an adult child. I will have to bring my knuckle dusters when I visit Katowice if I enter his space. Jocking aside this is a power image of a young boy growing up the hard way. He would be my ideal chaperone to show me around his town. I am sure he has a good heart and wish him all the best. This is a strong image contained in a compressed space.

September 27, 2005 13 years and 300 days ago
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