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St.Catherine's Church

Kraków, Cracow, kościół Św. Katarzyny
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piotrków, piotrkow, zdjęcia nocne, night-time photos, park
The 'Krzywda' Park

photos: Cracow / Krakow 2002
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Kraków, Cracow, krypta, grobowiec, kościół Św. Michała, kościół na Skałce
The Crypt
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St.Catherine's Church

DESCRIPTIONinside the church, handheld, no flash
CREATEDMarch 2002
GEAROlympus OM-G SLR, 50 mm lens, Fuji
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December 29, 2005 13 years and 29 days ago
great shot. check out the religious zealot above!

January 25, 2005 • V W House 14 years and 2 days ago
St Catherine's is the most beautiful church I have seen, and the most spiritually moving for my wife. This photo is almost a denial of every precious image in this church. What a rediculous choice!

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