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Sunset on the Blonia meadow

B這nia, zach鏚 s這鎍a, sunset, Blonia
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motocykl, motorcycle, honda

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doro磬a, rynek, krak闚, cracow
Waiting for passengers
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Sunset on the Blonia meadow

DESCRIPTIONDaylight is fading over Blonia
CREATEDApril 2004
PUBLISHEDMarch 19, 2005 ~ 13 years and 314 days ago
GEAROlympus digital camera
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January 9, 2006 • ewicora crazy_pissed_bee(at)hotmail.com13 years and 18 days ago
amazing job :))

June 25, 2005 13 years and 216 days ago
it makes me long for poland very much

April 21, 2005 • leon surma mlsurma(at)shaw.ca13 years and 281 days ago
Detach you from the stress and demands of everyday life.

April 4, 2005 • Marian 13 years and 298 days ago
breathtakingly beautiful

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