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Waiting for passengers

dorożka, rynek, kraków, cracow
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Błonia, zachód słońca, sunset, Blonia
Sunset on the Blonia meadow

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Waiting for passengers

DESCRIPTIONOne of the horse-drawn cabs waiting for the passengers on the Market Square during the warm, silent evening in August. In the background - Sukiennice (The Cloth Hall)
CREATEDAugust 2004
PUBLISHEDMarch 10, 2005 ~ 12 years and 318 days ago
GEAROlympus digital camera
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July 15, 2009 8 years and 190 days ago
absolutely beautiful

March 31, 2008 • John 9 years and 296 days ago
Magnificent! This is exquisitely beautiful.

July 26, 2006 • Sue 11 years and 180 days ago
Piotr, Your talent continues to grow with each photo you take. You definitely have an artist's eye. You take beautiful photos!

February 21, 2006 • vin feu_alvinchip(at)yahoo.com11 years and 335 days ago
very picturesque!

January 9, 2006 • ewicora crazy_pissed_bee(at)hotmail.com12 years and 13 days ago
beautifuL !

January 3, 2006 • Stasia 12 years and 19 days ago
śliczne :):D jestem oczarowna

July 26, 2005 • mira 12 years and 180 days ago
Piotr, to podoba mi się najbardziej :-)

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