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April 4, 2005Har 12 years and 292 days ago
Panorama-Lomnica-1.jpgExcellent clarity. Telescope, etc. By gone days of spies?

March 29, 2005rishiparna Guha 12 years and 298 days ago
Piorun.jpga piece of natural wonder

March 25, 2005yaroslav 12 years and 302 days ago
Morskie-Oko-1.jpgBeste Land auf der Welt

March 25, 2005Betti from Hungary siposbernadett(at)freemail.hu12 years and 302 days ago
Katedra-jesien.jpgI've been there twice and it's really beautiful!

March 24, 2005Bryan Nez 12 years and 303 days ago
Panorama-Lomnica-1.jpgSuch a beautiful site, One day I will see it and walk the mountains of Poland. One day, if God allows me to do so, if not, I will see it in my vision before I pass on to the next world.

March 23, 2005Lexie Byrne 12 years and 304 days ago
Chojnowski-Park-Krajobrazowy-2.jpgswwweeeet i am using it for a social studies project. never been there i live in maryland in america! haha

March 15, 2005 12 years and 312 days ago
Warszawa-Trasa-WZ.jpghey, i really like this one !
greate !
I already sent you another vote and you wrote me back asking if i have photos to show too. I don't have any gallery but i will try to send you some photos by email.
see you
Claude ("clojul";)

March 15, 2005con tajny(at)unknown.com12 years and 312 days ago
Fajerwerki-Parada-Smokow-1.jpgNice nice cracow!This town rocks in Poland!You have to see it!

March 10, 2005Chmurka 12 years and 317 days ago
Slowacja-Krajobraz-Zima-5.jpgKocham zimę-szczególnie w takiej formie:)Mimo śniegu robi sie cieplo na serduszku:)Jest pięknie...

March 5, 2005 12 years and 322 days ago
Pioruny-4.jpgno silence

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