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April 4, 2005Har 12 years and 356 days ago
Fajerwerki-Parada-Smokow-1.jpgAll of the pictures on this web site are wonderful. So much so that I forgot to vote. Sorry, but I will try to make it up. I thank all who had a part in this web site. A job well done. Har

April 4, 2005Har 12 years and 356 days ago
Morskie-Oko-1.jpgThe water clarity is amazing. I trust that it will stay that way!?

April 4, 2005Har 12 years and 356 days ago
Panorama-Tatr-2.jpgExcellent! Perhaps I will get to this same spot to take my own panorama. Har

April 4, 2005Har 12 years and 356 days ago
Panorama-Lomnica-1.jpgExcellent clarity. Telescope, etc. By gone days of spies?

March 29, 2005rishiparna Guha 12 years and 362 days ago
Piorun.jpga piece of natural wonder

March 25, 2005yaroslav 13 years and 1 day ago
Morskie-Oko-1.jpgBeste Land auf der Welt

March 25, 2005Betti from Hungary siposbernadett(at)freemail.hu13 years and 1 day ago
Katedra-jesien.jpgI've been there twice and it's really beautiful!

March 24, 2005Bryan Nez 13 years and 2 days ago
Panorama-Lomnica-1.jpgSuch a beautiful site, One day I will see it and walk the mountains of Poland. One day, if God allows me to do so, if not, I will see it in my vision before I pass on to the next world.

March 23, 2005Lexie Byrne 13 years and 3 days ago
Chojnowski-Park-Krajobrazowy-2.jpgswwweeeet i am using it for a social studies project. never been there i live in maryland in america! haha

March 15, 2005 13 years and 11 days ago
Warszawa-Trasa-WZ.jpghey, i really like this one !
greate !
I already sent you another vote and you wrote me back asking if i have photos to show too. I don't have any gallery but i will try to send you some photos by email.
see you
Claude ("clojul";)

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