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Recent comments - Cracow / Krakow 2002  (55)

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May 10, 2005patima kkvm(at)aol.com14 years and 75 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgpope john paul 2 is the best pope we ever had.

May 1, 2005 14 years and 84 days ago
Krakow-Kosciol-Mariacki-1.jpgi think Krakow is a beautiful city . i would like to visit it .i hope i ll visit one day

April 28, 2005 14 years and 87 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgpope john paul ii is the cutest and most handsome pope we ever had. i miss him so much. one of my greatest regret in life was not being able to meet him personally -- not even catch a glimpse of the most holy man when he was in our country during the world youth day :o( i hope to see him in heaven and i wish that when i die, he would be the one to fetch me. i belive it was Jesus himself who fetched his soul to heaven. God bless you our beloved pope. You are greatly missed... (gold)

April 27, 2005Monika 14 years and 88 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgHe was one of a kind. He will be missed by the millions all over the world. He was such an inspiration to so many people. He had a good heart. He wanted well for everyone. And the guy that shot Him shpould burn in hell even the Pope forgave him, iths not the same. He shopuld be in jail for the rest of his life. John Paul two was a saint sent from God to look upun us now God asked Him to join Him in heaven.

April 27, 2005Monika 14 years and 88 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgI am polish and I'm proud He was polish. There will be noone like Him. I wil always remember Him. I'm just sad I never got the chance to see Him

April 20, 2005 14 years and 95 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgThere will never be another one like him he was the best ever.
but we are always welcoming a better one.

April 20, 2005 14 years and 95 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgI saw him when I was 4 years old. It was incredible. I miss the pope a lot. The best pope we had

April 13, 2005Annalisa O'Bryan 14 years and 102 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgJhon Paul the second lived his life as a beautiful reflection of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was soo loving to other human beings, he made us feel loved even if some of us never met him. I miss him greatly and I feel a great void , I know he has finally met with our Lord Jesus Christ the one he served all his life.

April 9, 2005 14 years and 106 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgJhon Paul 2 will always be remembered as an amazing person

April 8, 2005Arthur 14 years and 107 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgNa zawsze wnaszych sercach Ojcze Swiety....

"Śmierć rodzi nadzieje" J.P. II

Ty rodziłeś w nas nadzieje na lepsze jutro...pozostanie ona w nas na zawsze.....

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