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Recent comments - Cracow / Krakow 2002  (55)

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January 6, 2007Kate 12 years and 199 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpg''Człowiek jest wielki nie przez to, co ma, nie przez to, kim jest, lecz przez to, czym dzieli się z innymi'' Jan Paweł II.

December 13, 2006Alexis 12 years and 223 days ago
Piotrkow-Park-Krzywda.jpgThis picture captures the imagination at work. Who just left that seat? WHo will sit in it next? Why? You are a master photographer-beautiful.

October 20, 2006EKOlog krzysiulekk (at) gmail.com12 years and 277 days ago
Piotrkow-Park-Krzywda.jpgKrzywda from Poland, Piotrkow Trybunalski

October 15, 2006derekws derekshakespeare69(at) years and 282 days ago
Krakow-Kanonicza-1.jpgsuch a beautiful picture,taken in such a beautiful city

September 30, 2006shirley 12 years and 297 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgeeemmm..i never see him,but last time he want to come malaysia.but our prsedent don like him to come here.its a sad sad thing.i hope he always in memory.god will be side him forever...

June 19, 2006 13 years and 35 days ago
Piotrkow-Park-Krzywda.jpgLove the picture as I have always thought park benches were fascinating with people from all walks of life who could be sitting on them and having interesting conversations at any time of the day or night. Why is it called the 'Krzywda' Park? Krzywda from Canada

May 31, 2006Marla 13 years and 54 days ago
Piotrkow-Park-Krzywda.jpguwielbiam to miesjce.. tyle wspomnień się z nim wiąże...

May 9, 2006dennis jomharis(at)yahoo.com13 years and 76 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgTinoud gayod nga lahi si Pope Jhon Paul 2. Cya mao hinungdan sa ako nga kausaban gikan sa usa ka makasasala. I missed him so much.. from: Ozamiz City, Mis Occ. Mindanao, Philippines

April 5, 2006simon abbeabby(at)gmail.com13 years and 110 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgpope jhon paul ii was one of the greatest pope in this world. its my deepest sadness he's no longer with us, but he is sitting in heaven and watching us. he's one of the closest son of jesus christ, that'y jesus took him to heaven. he is the best person & we will miss him now & for ever.

April 1, 2006 13 years and 114 days ago
Piotrkow-Jan-Pawel-2.jpgthe statue is Beautiful, i always cry when i look at him, why? they are tears of sadness and tears of feeling his kindness i think? i love him. jane (lake tahoe, nevada usa)

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