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Recent comments - Autumn 2001  (14)

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April 20, 2012wilfrido hernandez avilawhe 6 years and 280 days ago
Jesien-Autumn-Krajobraz-1.jpgWhen i was a child, i lived a great part of the time in my wonderful grandma's house in some town of central Mexico, and this beautiful photo transported me to the best time that even have in my entire life, god bless this fantastic woman (my Trini), and god bless you for this photo.

March 2, 2011Dave 7 years and 330 days ago
Jesien-Autumn-Krajobraz-1.jpgThis picture is so serene and peaceful is the ambiance! Great Pic.

October 19, 2010DBP 8 years and 99 days ago
Jesien-Autumn-Krajobraz-1.jpgIts a good photo but i would of reduced the yellow saturation in the photo...saturations nice but not too much

April 22, 2010Anete 8 years and 279 days ago
Jesien-Autumn-Krajobraz-1.jpgI absolutely love this picture!

October 5, 2009Rheagan 9 years and 113 days ago
Jesien-Autumn-Las-2.jpgI think this pictures could be a little better. I like it a lot but maybe if you would have crouched down a little and had the grass in the picture with a little less sky it'd have a cool looking fall look to it.

November 9, 2008 10 years and 78 days ago
Jesien-Autumn-Krajobraz-1.jpgi love this picture... one of my favourite season...

March 9, 2008 10 years and 323 days ago
Jesien-Autumn-Natalia-10-Rysunek.jpga natalka teraz juz taka duza - marla

June 15, 2007Alessandra sochi(at)on.to11 years and 226 days ago
Jesien-Autumn-Kora.jpgLeft in the lurch

November 27, 2006 12 years and 61 days ago
Jesien-Autumn-Las-4.jpgto jest piekne

September 24, 2006 12 years and 125 days ago
Jesien-Autumn-Cmentarz-Zydowski-2.jpgGreat Photo of Neglected Cemetery

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