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Recent comments - Wawel, Cracow 2004  (39)

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April 15, 2010John (Janek) Zalas 8 years and 244 days ago
Wawel-panorama-2.jpgThere is no place like Krakow! Because of our complex situation during WWII, we had to leave before the Soviet occupation and did not see the city again for 50 years.

November 9, 2009 9 years and 36 days ago
Katedra-tlo.jpgThis photo is a delight and a print or painting from your great sense of color would leap across the room. Our Poland tour ('04) was beautifully revisited through your photo skills.

April 28, 2009pat 9 years and 231 days ago
Wawel-katedra-1.jpgtoday is the date louis de montfort died. the primate of poland was very devouted to him, and consecrated POLAND to our lady according to the method of prayer of louis de montfort! april 28

January 4, 2009 9 years and 345 days ago
Wawel-Baszta-Zlodziejska.jpgveary pretty, nice veiw.

July 8, 2008Robert Ochocki 10 years and 160 days ago
Zygacz.jpgDzien Dobry, zupenie przypadkiem znalazlem galerie i sprawilo mi to duzo radosci. Mieszkam w Kanadzie ale staram sie odwiedzac Krakow podczas pobytu w Polsce, ostatnio w kwietniu. Pozdrawiam serdecznie. Robert

April 8, 2008Alberto 10 years and 251 days ago
Wawel-deszcz.jpgNice pictures from a wonderfull place....I loved Krakow

April 8, 2008Alberto 10 years and 251 days ago
Katedra-jesien.jpgWonderful place I visited Wawel castle in 2000

April 8, 2008 10 years and 251 days ago
Katedra-widok.jpgI visited Wawel castle ...Wow it was a great expereience !

April 8, 2008 10 years and 251 days ago
Wawel-Baszta-Sandomierska-2.jpgI ws in Krakow during 2000,my best holiday !It's a beautifull city

September 5, 2007pat hurtuk 11 years and 102 days ago
Wawel-katedra-1.jpgmy daughter's roots are there in cracow she is only 12 yrs old eileen and lost love for lerning looking for prayers at this cathedral for her her email is

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