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Recent comments - Cracow, major events of 2004  (7)

January 15, 2008 10 years and 7 days ago
Karuzela.jpgI loved It! I just wonder if thats a ride!

February 24, 2007Dani4kA fallan(at)abv.bg10 years and 332 days ago
Balony-2.jpgoh my..thats beautiful capture! Nice colours!

June 24, 2005 12 years and 212 days ago
Fajerwerki-Wianki-7.jpgass like that...

April 4, 2005Har 12 years and 293 days ago
Fajerwerki-Parada-Smokow-1.jpgAll of the pictures on this web site are wonderful. So much so that I forgot to vote. Sorry, but I will try to make it up. I thank all who had a part in this web site. A job well done. Har

March 15, 2005con tajny(at)unknown.com12 years and 313 days ago
Fajerwerki-Parada-Smokow-1.jpgNice nice cracow!This town rocks in Poland!You have to see it!

February 17, 2005 12 years and 339 days ago
Fajerwerki-Festiwal-3.jpgmmm pity never saw the fireworks was there in the daytime only

February 1, 2005 12 years and 355 days ago
Fajerwerki-Parada-Smokow-3.jpgI think fireworks are realy cool but dangures

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